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Once upon a time,

Karolina was playing in her lovely room and dreaming to be a little princess that could do magic and suddenly she appeared in her mom’s room, in front of her huge wardrobe, a dreamland of stunning colors and fairies.

She looked in the mirror after fitting her mom’s dress and   shoes and thought: “I truly can do magic”. And it was true, bright light of magic sparkle was shining on her – little Karolina become a shining star of her little Kingdom.

Was it inspiration or magic come true?

It’s for you to decide dear mom’s, but always remember the little story of Karolina‘s Kingdom when you are looking into your daughters eyes after you watch them putting on one of our exclusive dresses, created specialy for them.

Let us tell you a bit more about Karolina. She was born to be a lady, like her mom, and her wish is to give sparkling magic to all the little girls around the world.

Catching the moments and the art of expressing yourself through presenting yourself.

Karolina can tell you herself, recall your dream and make it come true, and the doors of Karolina‘s Kingdom will be always open for you, you will shine like a star. Because stars are always shining the brightest in Karolina‘s Kingdom.

We believe that every little girl deserves to be a princess. Be special and shine with us. We also provide matching dresses for mommies.

We make fairytales come true!