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Karolina's Kingdom History


Once upon a time,

Once upon a time, Karolina was playing in her lovely room, dreaming of being a little princess capable of magic. Suddenly, she found herself in her mom’s room, standing in front of a huge wardrobe—a dreamland of stunning colors and fairies.
After trying on her mom’s dress and shoes, she looked in the mirror and thought, ‘I truly can do magic.’ It was true; a bright light of magical sparkle shone on her, turning little Karolina into the shining star of her little kingdom.

Was it inspiration or a dream come true?

It’s for you to decide, dear moms, but always remember the little story of Karolina’s Kingdom when you gaze into your daughters’ eyes after they don one of our exclusive dresses, specially created for them. Allow us to share more about Karolina. She was born to be a lady, like her mom, and her wish is to bestow sparkling magic upon little girls worldwide. Capturing moments and expressing oneself through presentation, Karolina can tell you herself—recall your dream and make it come true, and the doors of Karolina’s Kingdom will always be open for you; you will shine like a star. Stars shine the brightest in Karolina’s Kingdom. We believe every little girl deserves to be a princess. Be special and shine with us. We also offer matching dresses for moms.

We make fairytales come true !